Re: [DNS] real user input to the process

Re: [DNS] real user input to the process

From: Narelle Clark <narelle_clark§>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:04:49 +1000
Perhaps what needs to be done is to organise a series of fora where these
bodies are invited, and the meetings structured so that they can be led
through the issues? Ie a formal process for gaining their input that
happens in public, sort of like the ACCC public hearings, but not
quite so formal.

That way the meetings are educative (therefore they will have to be
organised by - say - NOIE or ISOC) as well as facillitating their
input into the process. I don't believe they will come forward
en masse otherwise.

We can organise some sponsorships probably via a few of the
existing players so that things are held in reasonably nice venues,
with LUNCH, minutes taken etc. I might be able to swing either
a venue or some other facillities. Provided notice is adequate.


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George Michaelson wrote:

> Um, I think 'real' in this context means
>         Metal Trades Industry Association
>         Australian Consumers Association
>         Business Council of Australia
>         Association of Local Governments
>         Regional chambers of commerce
>         State business development offices
> The bodies people are suggesting seem to me to be people who are already online
> and already have domain names, and already have a view which I entirely agree
> needs input. But these people are a small minority of business in Australia.
> They are early adopters. They are not bodies who (in the view of the ASX, and
> I am increasingly in agreement) are scared shitless of the Internet, confused
> by FUD, and have no idea what they are getting into.
> -George
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