[DNS] Timeframes?

[DNS] Timeframes?

From: Narelle Clark <narelle_clark§yes.optus.com.au>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:18:53 +1000
Can anyone come up with some roughish schedules for the process we
HAVE UNDERTAKEN here? Not to mention the task definitions...

Ie        Task                              completion dates

        complete task definitions           27 Aug
        list submissions to end Aug meeting 27 Aug ie to NOIE etc
for the gTLD debate (isn't there a meeting to be held to
finalise the Australian position?)

        review existing proposals           30 Sept
        propose policy models               30 Sept
        propose infrastructure requirements models    30 Sept
        propose SLA models                  15 October
        propose governance models           30 October
        propose appeals mechanisms          30 October
        other process definitions           end mid Nov

        gain approvals from users          Nov - Dec
        gain approvals from NOIE et al     Jan - Feb
        public re-review                   March - April
        implement                          May - July

        technical and business review      Nov - Dec?

        give Narelle a root name server    1 April 99
        oh! woops ^H^H^H^H^H <VBG> sorry, off topic :)

Obviously this is a pretty rough first pass...


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