Re: [DNS] Is this for real?

Re: [DNS] Is this for real?

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 08:11:22 +0800
Hi Stephen,

Quoting Stephen Davies:
| As an interested and involved Internet user, I have joined this list so that I 
| can try to keep abreast of what is happening out there.
| I find, however, that this list leaves a little to be desired and am wondering 
| whether it is, in fact, an official channel for information.
| Firstly, after subscribing I find that the list archive is access controlled 
| and that there appears to be no mechanism for acquiring a username and 
| password.
| So I used the information supplied (see below) to try and ask for assistance 
| on acquiring a username and password.
| The response was an automated rejection of the syntax of my request!!
| The original response mail (see below) includes several typos and grammatical 
| errors and seems to lack the promised "transcript of the original subscription 
| request".
| On top of all that, the list host seems to be an ISP in WA.

This is a mailing list convened by the WA Internet Association for discussion
of DNS issues in Australia (.au etc.)

The grammatical errors I suspect are part of the mailing list software, which
is SmartList ( written by someone 
from a non-English speaking country.

The username and password to the archive are "dns" and "dns" which is in the footer
of the emails next to the URL.

The request address only attaches the transcript of the original subscription
request if there is a transcript. There is only a transcript if you sent your
original request to it via email, as opposed to typing your email address in 
through a web interface. 

On top of all that, perhaps I'm a little parochial, but what has the fact it is
hosted in Western Australia have relevance to? 

best regards,

 Kim Davies <kim&#167;>
       phone +61 8 9243 4440; fax +61 8 9243 3293, +1 603 853 6868
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