Re: [DNS] Is this for real?

Re: [DNS] Is this for real?

From: Stephen Davies <scldad§>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 10:07:01 +0930
Kim Davies <kim&#167;>  wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Quoting Stephen Davies:
> | 

> This is a mailing list convened by the WA Internet Association for discussion
> of DNS issues in Australia (.au etc.)
> The grammatical errors I suspect are part of the mailing list software, which
> is SmartList ( written by someone 
> from a non-English speaking country.
> The username and password to the archive are "dns" and "dns" which is in the footer
> of the emails next to the URL.
> The request address only attaches the transcript of the original subscription
> request if there is a transcript. There is only a transcript if you sent your
> original request to it via email, as opposed to typing your email address in 
> through a web interface. 
> On top of all that, perhaps I'm a little parochial, but what has the fact it is
> hosted in Western Australia have relevance to? 
Hello Kim and thank you for your reply.

Nothing in the material that led me to the list said anything about it's being 
WA-oriented. I understood it to be a national thing.

Several people have now told me about the username/password but I can still 
not find anything in any of the subscripton material to tell me that.

I don't have a problem with the list being hosted in WA; it was just that I 
guess I expected such a significant topic with such government association to 
be hosted in the east. My apologies to WA.

As someone else pointed out, there have been some strange activities 
associated with the new .au setup so the troubles that I had getting going 
made me wonder whether I had been misled somewhere along the line.

Hopefully I can now return to the sideline and learn from future posting to 
this list.

Cheers and thanks,
Stephen Davies

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