RE: [DNS] Give Austalian Business a go

RE: [DNS] Give Austalian Business a go

From: <David_Wise§>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 17:49:35 +1000
I agree that there needs to be restrictions in place to prevent people from registering domain names that would allow them to take advantage of someone else's pre-exisiting brands, trade marks or goodwill.   I would be interested to hear from anyone who disputes that.

David Wise
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Mark Nearhos <mjn&#167;> on 07/07/99 05:26:54 pm

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At 04:19 PM 7/7/99 +1000, Mark Hughes wrote:
> If we believe that having rules for eligibility and restrictions on
> generic names delivers benefits, then we should be able to support
> that belief by showing how a lack of such rules has caused problems in
> .nz, .com, .net, etc.

Re: rules for eligibility of names and how lack of them have caused problems.

US Congress, ICANN and WIPO appear to have a problem with FCFS (though not
with generic names).,4,35983,00.html?

> Domain restrictions target cybersquatters
>      By Courtney Macavinta
>      Staff Writer, CNET
>      May 3, 1999, 1:25 p.m. PT
> Cybersquatting has been at the center of an international debate over how
> handle trademark disputes over domain names, which historically have been
> on a first-come, first-served basis.
> Congress is not alone in trying to tackle the issue. The Internet
> for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is in charge of the Net's
> technical functions, also is pushing a hot-button proposal introduced by
the World
> Intellectual Property Organization that would give "famous" trademark
holders around
> the globe special claims on domain names.

Mark Nearhos

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