Re: [DNS] Whats the rush?

Re: [DNS] Whats the rush?

From: <David_Wise§>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 14:31:13 +1000
>>   What is the rush to make immensely large changes in the nature of .AU
>>   right now? Where is the pressure? Where is the need? Where is the
>>   analysis of costs, and benefits, and risks? I see a lot of interested
>>   parties pushing, and I see a lot of fringe-dwellers, but I don't see
>>   either structure or process in the proposals. And I see little or no
>>   substantive proof of needs.
>>Please, can we stop pushing the timeline to make radical changes in .AU >>before
>>we have anything like a viable, stable process bedded in to manage things.

This is a good point (and well timed).  There is no point in rushing things.  However, my understanding is that a major purpose of this list was to provide a forum for people to ventilate their views on issues facing the .au domain space.   While some of these issues may not be of immediate concern, they are still very real and worthy of discourse.   We should be careful not to discourage people from presenting their ideas.

While I am on the subject, I should ask this:  I have been posting messages on the basis that the list is monitored by the current auDA crew and they will be taking on board all of the various issues raised so the First Board can address them. Is this true or are we wasting our ebreath?

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