Re: .org, .edu, Etc.

Re: .org, .edu, Etc.

From: Bill Watson <bizplan§>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 14:32:43 +1000
Robert Elz is not GOD !!

The Internet is not his sole domain, as much as he might like to think

He is incapable of doing the job he inherited, or so it seems.

A Gentleman would either respond to email in a professional manner, or
if he was
incapable of doing so, step down from the job.

I have had trouble for two years with Robert Elz, so it's not a new
issue, he just
seems to think any body new to the Net is ignorant, or is prepared to do
at the speed of the education facility he is part of, or have I got it
wrong again.

Where there is smoke, there is fire, and  for anybody to suggest that
all of us out
here in the real world have not processed our applications correctly is

If we are to be seen as a serious world player, and not some kind of
Aussie joke
being played on the Internet, he must either talk some common sense to
all of us,
or pave the way for serious hand over to be managed by a pertinent body.

Regards to all,

Bill Watson
Advanced Business Strategies
(Yes, another blasted Internet Consultant)
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