Re: .org, .edu, Etc.

Re: .org, .edu, Etc.

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 15:20:27 +1000 (EST)
] Robert Elz is not GOD !!

IMHO he doesn't think so either.
] Where there is smoke, there is fire, and  for anybody to suggest that
] all of us out
] here in the real world have not processed our applications correctly is
] ludicrous.

Were you talking about me?
I didn't say that.  But it is one of a number of possibilities.

I am interested to find details of a case where I can see that 
the application form is straight-forward and all of those
other possibilities I mentioned are not applicable, leaving only
the possibility that kre is not doing his job properly.

I have not been able to find one yet.
If people are concerned about confidentiality, you can forward
the complete application form to me and say that its confidential,
and I will treat it as such.

Personally I don't think Robert has a problem with the idea of
handing over to someone/something else, as long as he is
satisfied that they will preserve the integrity of the name space,
have the support of most of the Australian Internet community and
of course do a good job.
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