RE: [DNS] reply to Spring Clean comments

RE: [DNS] reply to Spring Clean comments

From: Phillip Pudney <phillip§>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 19:16:42 +0930
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> CASE STUDY as follows:
> The domain we are seeking is This is for the Australian
> Christian Forum on Education Incorporated (ACFE).
> It is my the second attempt at getting an domain. We initially
> wanted to get which is based on the name of ACFE's main
> journal (Journal of Christian Education) but as you might have
> guessed this
> was rejected.
> The publisher of the Journal of Christian Education (JCE) is the
> Australian
> Christian Forum on Education Incorporated (ACFE). This is an educational
> institution which conducts conferences, seminars and public meetings on
> educational issues. It also publishes books and papers on educational
> topics as well as the JCE.
> The Journal of Christian Education is a refereed academic international
> journal devoted to the examination of the application of Christian
> principles to the whole field of education. Its subscribers are libraries
> of universities and colleges as well as individual educators in some 20
> countries around the world.
> In these ways the ACFE has similarities to institutions like the
> Australian
> College of Education.
> I may add that it undertakes activities very similar to other existing
> sites ie. in particular the Australian Science Teachers
> Association.


I've found the domain policy for to be extremely warped. My
understanding is that seems to be for exclusive use by Universities
only, and anything else must register under <state>

This raises several questions:

(a) isn't the purpose of such a heirachy like this to separate national
organisations from state-based organisations?

(b) what makes a University a national-based organisation, when it operates
within 1 state only?

(c) why can't national-based educational institutions apply for a domain
directly under, when state-based ones can?

I mention this simply because of an incident a while ago to do with a
national space school programme, which is run in most states as well as at a
national level. However, the domain was rejected, and I was told that I
should register one for each state. How is this preserving the integrity of
the DNS, when I had to register many domains instead of 1?

I'm not having a dig at GIH, he does a fine job, however it's the policy for registration that needs a serious review if national institutions
require, and state-based institutions don't (it should be
reversed!) Maybe this is something for auda to look into !

On a side note, I've only ever registered 1 but it only took a few
days. However, I suggest that those applying for domains who qualify
for look into using it instead. I've never had a domain take longer
than 30 minutes to get registered (or rejected)... Maybe MM can give Mr Elz
some tips? ;)

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