Re: [DNS] fairfax article

Re: [DNS] fairfax article

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 17:14:14 +0930
My $0.02 is that auDA should be able to come to a timeframe arrangement
with Robert Elz as and when it is able to, without having to convince the
media that it has (or has not) convinced the media of having 'earned the
right' .

I am already reading, in some comments on this list, a tendency to construe
auDA as 'them' (in a negative sense), and to implicitly frame the
participants on this list as 'us' (in a positive one). People are talking
about having 'reservations' about auDA when they only barely exist - ye
gods, you folks start hitting at the tall poppies early, don't you - before
they've even had a chance to start growing!

This is really tiring to see, in that those who feel that way are
forgetting that the auDA board was _elected_ from a constituency of 'us' in
the first place. If that isn't good enough for 'us' then I submit that
nothing else is ever going to be. For heavens' sake, give it a chance, this
time at least, folks. Try supporting your fellow elected board members and
letting them get on with doing 'it'.

Simon Hackett
(wearing only a personal hat)

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