Re: [DNS] fairfax article

Re: [DNS] fairfax article

From: Mark Tearle <mtearle§>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:22:10 +0800 (WST)
On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Simon Hackett wrote:

> My $0.02 is that auDA should be able to come to a timeframe arrangement
> with Robert Elz as and when it is able to, without having to convince the
> media that it has (or has not) convinced the media of having 'earned the
> right' .

Simon has very succintly stated what needs to happen.  A timetable,
and perhaps if need be, a list of requirements that need to be satisfied 
to make kre comfortable.  Perhaps a joint statement from auDA and
Robert Elz with regards to this?  I'd sincerely hope we don't arrive at the
situation that the ACA needs to get involved.

On related notes, a plan for long term management of 2LDs in .au does need 
to be specified as part of these moves and guidelines for the
interaction between these.

A recent example,, which is the Murdoch (University) Alternate
Reality Society (a SF/gaming club), how did it end up in
A more appropriate delegation IMHO would have been under
(under it's parent organisation) or (as a special interest Club)

Another is  (I'll let people find out who that's delegated
to :) )

My point being inappropriate and legacy domains certainly caused enough
headaches in the transfer to MIT, some thought as to handling
inter registrar issues under auDA needs to be done.

Note: these opinions do not necessarily represent those of my employer, etc..
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