Re: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

Re: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

From: Aristedes Maniatis <ari§>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:36:20 +1100
on 1/2/2000 12:15 pm, James Spenceley at jamess&#167; wrote:

> ........but it can be useful

Absolutely! That is the *whole point* of the domain system - heirarchy.
Otherwise it would utilise less bandwidth to use dotted quad notation and
abandon DNS altogether.

> While I resect the concept of .* I *personally* would not like
> emu/wombat within my domain.

Hence the low take-up. Of course, ISPs are not keen that such a system get
off the ground either. See my previous email.

> or would be more popular.

But unworkable. Again see my previous email. Geography cannot make a good
domain naming system for individuals. Can you think of any non-arbitrary
data that would?

Sure there may be better choices than furry animals, but the problem is the
same. Either have something meaningful (but what?) or something arbitrary.

> The concept was designed for people to move jobs, Internet proviers et all.
> Im  sure if your moving interstate while you contact people to inform them
> of your new phone number, you might like to let them know your domain is now
> vic not nsw <your poor soul> or keep both ?
> Where do you draw the line, it is after all .au  ?

Not a bad place to draw the line.

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