Re: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

Re: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting regulations

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 12:34:56 +1100
 > You may want to stand there and chant this till you are blue in the face,
 > but the reality is somewhat different to the design philosophy.

Hang on, my wording was deliberately chosen

   The DNS is NOT a useful directory tool

I think you are confusing this with a slightly different

   The DNS is NOT a directory

This is a different statement, and there's no doubt that
many folk attempt to use the DNS as a directory, and
others position themselves to take advantage of that
assumption, and for them the DNS assumes some of the
characteristics of a directory. But its a pretty shocking
directory, given that entries have no qualifying attributes,
(unless you want to interpret the hierarchy chain as an implicit
attribute qualification set, which you can do at your own
risk) and no ability to search  the directory in any
meaningful way. i.e. as a directory tool the DNS has none
of the functionality that is normally associated with
useful directory service tools.


(Sigh. It seems that for a very small number of readers of this
list it is once again necessary to explicitly point out in suitably
clear terms that the above note represents my views as an individual,
and are not necessarily shared by my employer, the Internet Society,
the Internet Architecture Board, or anyone else for that matter.)
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