Re: Melbourne IT's records

Re: Melbourne IT's records

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 11:19:29 +1100
Yep, a good point as well, however, a quick check would identify generics
already approached on - then allocate these out to those original
applicants.  For the others then auction to the highest bidder with all
players fully informed.

Yuk, what a mess.

This is what happens when parties play around with the free world
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From: Matthew King <mking&#167;>
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Date: Tuesday, 6 March 2001 11:07
Subject: Re: Melbourne IT's records

>This approach flies in the face of natural justice for those that
>actually read or knew the registration rules and thus did not apply
>for generic or reserved names.
>It would be quite unjust to proceed in this way as the current rules
>would effectively enable a reservation process which it is clearly
>stated not to be.
>I know a number of my clients that would seriously consider legal
>action against any party that allowed this.
>>The market will sort itself out post sale.  I understand that Melbourne
>>records are sufficient to track request after they took over the formal
>>management in Oct 96.  Maybe records exist before then.
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