[DNS] ING charging $250 non-refundable for .BIZ and .INFO

[DNS] ING charging $250 non-refundable for .BIZ and .INFO

From: Jim Stewart <jim§whoopi.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:07:42 +1000
Looks like Internet Name Group is up to their old tricks again. I
received a "pre-registration" form from them today for .biz and .info.
The form is similar to their .com.au forms with regard to the billing
however they are charging $250 for each domain. Down the bottom of the
form in a font size that looks like 6pt they say that the pre
registration is in accordance with their T&Cs available from a
www.internetnamegroup.com/preterms.asp however if you want to fork over
your $ online you can do so at www.newnames.com.au . 

Under the T&Cs it clearly states that the $ are non refundable but does
not indicate how unlikely the odds are of getting a popular or generic

It seems to me that this form is clearly designed to mislead individuals
who don't know a lot about the registraion process. I'm not sure if this
is what the ACCC would class as a misleading or deceptive business
practice but in my opinion this activity is a heck of a lot worse than
their .com.au activity. 

Has anyone else received these yet? 

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