[DNS] Friday afternoon

[DNS] Friday afternoon

From: <larry§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:32:16 +1000

You care enough to respond. It keeps the debate going, because everyone
wants to get the last word in.

The subject may have a question mark, but the body makes very unambiguous

To be fair, this list is full of windbags (and I include myself, so don't
bother getting upset). Taking what's said on it seriously is a little like
getting into the ring whilst complaining about mud wrestlers.

I guess what got me upset about Joshua's post is that it makes accusations
against my company as if they were fact. Accusations that adversely affect a
number of key industry relationships and our credibility as a company. As it
happens, they are groundless, but we all know that when mud slings, some
sticks. If this is to be a group of peers, then we ought to be treating each
other with the sort of respect we would expect. Its a public forum, lurked
on by our friends in the media, and therefore issues of the nature Joshua
introduced are best dealt with off list until their veracity can be

I'd like to see this list being a means for peers to cooperate, rather than
have a go at each other. The public consultation on names and competition
came and went without this body even attempting to group into interest
groups to provide joint submissions. If we can't even do that, then what is
our mutual interest in being on this list?

We seem to expect things to get fixed by invisible 'someone', just because
we blow the whistle here, without actually seeing  this lists role as
driving the solution as well as identifying the problem. Well that's not
really good enough. This list ought to be leading the debate on DNS issues
in Australia. It ought to be the definitive reference of who is interested
in making things happen - and it could be if those interested enough to
partake were interested enough to try make a difference.

Anyway, you are quite right, it is Friday, we ought to lighten up; my
apologies to anyone I have offended - in particular Joshua. Have a good
weekend all.


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<disclaimer: I aint a lawyer, and I don't really care>

The subject line contained a question mark (?) - to me it was a question,
not a statement.

The list is often notified when list members receive spam from other
companies (I wont name them lest they too react with legal threats).

Spam includes Unsolicited Commercial Email, which the email in question MAY
have been. (I won't state an opinion lest I end up in the same situation
Joshua is)

In any case, NetRegistry have replied via the list with their version of
events, and list members may now make an informed decision as to what did or
did not happen.

And as for the "bubble", it only existed in the minds of those hoping to get
rich from it.  Pure gold prospecting.  And as with gold prospectors, some
get rich but most find only dirt.  [shrug] it's not a new phenomenon, and it
has nothing to do with 'common courtesy', more unrealistic expectations
placed by venture capitalists & entrepreneurs.

Lighten up people, it's Friday afternoon!


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