[DNS] RE: [changed to]Terence - you're out of line...

[DNS] RE: [changed to]Terence - you're out of line...

From: <larry§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 10:30:24 +1000

I think you are missing the point here.

I have clarified the details with Josh - that's why he apologised. We did
not send UCE to Aus Post. We did not send UBE to anyone. Your summary of
events below is so inaccurate, I suggest you stop watching daytime
television whilst writing (and reading) email.

I have no idea who you are or why you have such an attitude against NR, nor
do I really care. For the record.

1. NetRegistry did not actually contact Aus Post by telephone at all.
2. The email received by Josh was intended for another recipient from a
totally unrelated company - its a case of incorrect address. That individual
did in fact request receipt of the email sent to Josh in error.
3. I am in point of fact best described as 5"7', curly haired, married
family man - 35, hard working.
4. What's your point of fact best description?
5. Yes, we obviously do have to mention the comments made below. We just
couldn't resist it could we ;-)
6. Lastly, Terence, at the risk of sounding repetitive, BACK UP YOUR
If you were half the man you admire in your email below, you would do so
immediately, being so clearly wrong.

Terence, you are so angry about something - I'm not sure what. It can't be
NetRegistry sending UBE, because we haven't done that. So what, exactly are
you upset about?


[NB: I have seen Josh's apology.]

> NetRegistry doesn't spam, the email was sent after a telephone contact
> by NetRegistry to an individual at Australia Post, and sent to
> information taken from a whois query on the domain name the contact
> was made on.

So, the process was <a> Australia Post is called by NR for marketing
purposes, <b> NR sends to the AusPost.COM.AU billing contact, a quick
"marketing" email.  In <a>, the A/P employee may have been asked for an
email, put NR failed to get a valid direct email address.

The billing contact did not directly solicit the email, nor did NR obtain
permission from the billing contact directly.  [Otherwise, Josh would have
said, "oh there's that email from Larry", and not "more Bloch spam."]

> What is spam? In the case of electronic mail, spam is any electronic
> mail message that is: Transmitted to a large number of recipients; and
> Some or all of those recipients have not explicitly and knowingly
> requested those messages. Please either point out the large number of
> recipients or provide me with a public apology on this list.

Sorry, you missed the other parts of the definition, UCE is "unsolicited
commercial email" and you have sent Josh *UCE*, hence his reaction.
CAUBE may be "... against UBE" B=bulk, but this is also the aus-CAUCE,
"UCE" C=commercial, list as well!

Now Larry, do we have to mention that the netregistry.au.com domain is
still in many isp's filters?  And do we have to mention that you are in
point of fact, best described as a "reformed spammer"?  Not to mention the
odd incident of your "newer staff" forgeting about the no spam policy and
UBE-ing a large number of innocents in a lapse of morality?

It was very nice of Josh to post an apology, rather big of him I'd say.
You would have seen NO satisfaction from me, in fact, I would widened the
audience to make sure even more ISP's filter your domain. So, my advice to
you: "market" by phone properly, building a clean email list using
telemarketing is the next best thing to harvesting...


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