RE: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop

RE: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 16:07:40 +1100
Peter, I have a single motivation, and whether elected to the Board or as a
member my call would be the same.  Consumers views are, I believe,
inadequately represented in auDA.  More importantly, consumers are
inadequately protected because registrars are inadequately empowered.

The broader reseller community is far more representative of and in tune
with the issues that face their clients than solely auDA members and those
who subscribe to this list.  And that community's members are the ones who
will be required to comply with our (rather than auDA's) code of conduct.  I
don't want to see or hear wails of "Why didn't we know" or "I don't like
this Code of Conduct" after it's in place and the industry is committed to
and obligated by it.

>From Bruce Tonkin's posting, there are less than 1% of domain resellers who
have bothered to respond to Melbourne IT's request for compliance to the
interim Code of Conduct.  Is it apathy, is it complacency, is it an implicit
refusal to comply, is it ignorance of its relevance?  Or is it a bit of all
of these?  Whichever, it's just not good enough.

My reasons for seeking a meeting outside of auDA's auspices are simple:
1	I think (possibly incorrectly, but I'm happy to be proven wrong)
that a reseller meeting will be more candid than if it were under auDA's
2	I want to get industry comments to input into the auDA meeting - not
in lieu of it
3	By the time we get to the meeting run by auDA (Chris Disspain is
correct, and his commitment was very clear) we'll be dealing with comments
and the review process.  There's no need for that meeting to be too large
and difficult to manage just because we haven't already disposed of or
uncovered many of the issues that resellers and consumers face.

I'm happy to work with Board members, nominees, members, registrars and
resellers to achieve an outcome through which we'll all eventually benefit.

Peter I'm disappointed that you found my call as unfortunate given that I'm
a nominee.  Such is incidental, and I feel that a full disclosure of my
interests (which are not conflicting) was and is appropriate, and I make no
apology for that.

Ron Stark
Business Park Pty Ltd
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~ From: Chris Disspain [mailto:ceo&#167;]
~ Sent: Thursday, 1 November 2001 3:13 PM
~ To: Peter; dns&#167;
~ Subject: RE: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop
~ Peter,
~ I think you may have misunderstood.
~ Firstly, auDA will be convening the first 'Code of Practice' 
~ meeting in
~ December at which initial discussions can take place. If 
~ others want to hold
~ a meeting before them then that is up to them. I thought that 
~ this was made
~ clear at the public meeting to discuss the Registrar 
~ agreement but maybe I
~ am wrong. It is, however, in the minutes of that meeting.
~ Secondly, we are not seeking to impose a Code of Practice. 
~ What we have
~ published is an interim COP, which is subject to comment etc. 
~ It is the
~ first step in the process. MIT have said that they will 
~ follow it (from
~ today) but it will change and develop over time.
~ Thirdly, you have a choice as to whether you become a 
~ Registrar or not. If
~ you decide to then you must abide by the terms of the 
~ Registrar Agreement .
~ Over time, a Code of Practice will be developed which may 
~ well replace some
~ of the clauses of the Registrar Agreement. The Registrar Agreement and
~ auDA's published policies prevail. You are not forced to 
~ become a Registrar
~ and you should not enter into the agreement unless you agree 
~ to be bound by
~ the terms.
~ I hope that has cleared things up but if you have any other 
~ queries, please
~ let me know.
~ Regards,
~ Chris Disspain
~ CEO - auDA
~ ceo&#167;
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~ From: Peter [mailto:peter&#167;]
~ Sent: Thursday, 1 November 2001 15:01
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~ Subject: Re: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop
~ Ron
~ I agree we have problems with the apparent indecent haste by auda to
~ compose and enforce a code of conduct - primarily on registrars and
~ resellers - however I don't think stepping outside auda is 
~ the answer , and
~ I think it particularly unfortunate that this solution was 
~ proposed by a
~ nominee for the auda board.
~ The current proposal that to become a registrar or reseller 
~ we must sign
~ and abide by the code of conduct would be unenforceable in its present
~ form... indeed any court would overturn it on the grounds 
~ that we are being
~ coerced into signing unreasonable conditions or lose (at 
~ least part) of our
~ livelihood.
~ With the exception of Melbourne IT who have their own reasons for
~ recommending it, I have not found anyone the least bit 
~ satisfied by the
~ current proposal.
~ I would like to suggest that we stay within the auda 
~ umbrella, and that
~ you, Jaquie and I - as nominees for the position of director 
~ for the supply
~ section, approach Chris Chaundy and Michael Malone (board 
~ members for the
~ supply section) to pressure for  a public meeting hosted by 
~ auda to discuss
~ the "code" in more detail, and to consider asking for a delay in the
~ implementation until a satisfactory code can be developed.
~ The above paragraph is not meant to imply that the discussion 
~ should not
~ include members other than from "supply" - but it is 
~ undoubtedly of great
~ importance to those of us being asked to abide by it.
~ Through this letter I would ask if Ron & Jaquie are in 
~ agreement, and that
~ if Chris Disspain would be disposed to call and chair such a 
~ meeting. Only
~ if the answers are negative would I personally be comfortable with an
~ unofficial meeting.
~ Peter Dean
~ Director - The Instra Group
~ Nominee for position of director of auda (Supply section)
~ At 10:20 AM 10/31/01 +1100, you wrote:
~ >It's just been brought to my attention that, in calling for 
~ a meeting /
~ >workshop to not be under auDA's auspices, I have inferred 
~ that auDA should
~ >be excluded.
~ >
~ >My apologies - auDa are of course invited and encouraged to 
~ attend.  I just
~ >want it driven by users, not the governing body.
~ >
~ >
~ >Ron Stark
~ >Business Park Pty Ltd
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