RE: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop

RE: [DNS] Call for Code of Conduct workshop

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 16:52:35 +1100
Hello Chris,

> Firstly, auDA will be convening the first 'Code of Practice' 
> meeting in
> December at which initial discussions can take place. If 
> others want to hold
> a meeting before them then that is up to them. I thought that 
> this was made
> clear at the public meeting to discuss the Registrar 
> agreement but maybe I
> am wrong. It is, however, in the minutes of that meeting.

The timing of that meeting would suit me.  There is some value however in
members of the community making public submissions to auDA on the code of
conduct so that we have some points to consider for that meeting.  I would
see no harm in any group getting together to discuss the issue before then
as Ron Stark has suggested.  I agree with Peter Dean that this should feed
into auDA processes rather than be a separate process, and I think that is
the intent of Ron Stark anyway.  I hope to make my own submission later in

> MIT have said that they will 
> follow it (from
> today) but it will change and develop over time.

Agreed.  Melbourne IT is not "satisfied" with the current code of practice,
however it is better to start with something - thus we asked auDA to publish
it as a first step.  The discussion and ideas to improve it that have
resulted from the posting of the initial code, is exactly what we had
wanted.  The initial code was derived from a discussion document amongst the
registrars for ".com" domain names over a year ago.

Bruce Tonkin


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