[DNS] Who makes auDA policy?

[DNS] Who makes auDA policy?

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§infobrokers.com.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:58:18 +0800
Chris Disspain wrote Wednesday, November 14, 2001, to [DNS] and Jeremy

> Jeremy

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> I presume you understand how auDA works but it may
> help to be clear on the issue. auDA and its 'incumbent
> administration' does not create policy, it implements policy.
> The policy is created by public panels that sit over a long
> period of time and make a series of recommendations to
> the Board. The RFT is the result of the Competition Panels
> Report. This panel sat for nearly 12 months and took
> numerous public submissions on what should happen
> to the existing 2LDs. auDA is following its recommendations.
> In other words, Jeremy, it is not the Boards policy or the
> executives policy that is being implemented, it is the policy
> recommended by the Panel after a lengthy, open and public
> process, a process in which you could have been involved.

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With some reservations, I agree with the above comments you have made about
auDA policy and policy making processes.  I intend to question and seek
clarification of them over the coming weeks.

In so doing , I will be seeking to be constructive, and to facilitate
ongoing debate on .au governance, policy, policy making processes and policy
issues.  I see scope for continuous improvement in these areas.  I say this
as someone who has participated in the Name Policy Advisory Panel,
Competition Policy Advisory Panel, LINK and DNS forums over many months, and
with a long background of participating in public policy making.

It is my hope that after a period, subscribers to this DNS forum and *I*
will have a better understanding of .au governance, policy, policy making
processes and policy issues.

I will put before this DNS forum, for consideration, clarification and
debate, a series of issues, including for example:

- Policies in Panel reports that have not been, or appear to have not been,
accepted by auDA.

- Policies in Panel reports that have been, or appear to have been, changed
by auDA.

My first posting will be this evening on the following:  What do we mean by
"policy" or "policy change" or "administrative change".  For example, from
the May 5 auDA Board minutes: "The introduction of a Dispute Resolution
Procedure is an administrative change, not a policy change."

Regards, Ian

Ian Johnston
Candidate for the auDA Board
Member, Name Policy Advisory Panel
Member, Competition Model Advisory Panel

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