Re: [DNS] Dissent on process

Re: [DNS] Dissent on process

From: Peter <peter§>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 20:16:25 +1100

Sorry - but I thought you were aware that auDA is actually holding public 
meetings in December - and whether you want to believe it or not is 
likely to be as representative as any meeting you could assemble.

Personally I believe that it is better if we hold the meetings with auDA's 
blessing - I am not unhappy about the registrar agreement  (even though I 
think it is repressive - and in this belief  acknowledge that my interest 
is as a prospective registrar and not a user.)... I have every reason to 
believe they listened to public comment about it.

Please whip up support for your arguments at the December public meeting 
and you will have my support to be heard - but with your unilateral meeting 
having failed to materialize I believe this might be the best forum to air 
your arguments

Peter Dean
Chairman - The Instra Group
Candidate for the Board - Supply Class

At 07:23 AM 11/14/01 +1100, you wrote:
>I find the current "debate" on process somewhat surprising.  Every
>participant had adequate opportunity to comment on - even to change - the
>tendering process and domain management process to which some objecting.  So
>why should there be complaints now, and debate on policy now, when the
>opportunity that was given has passed and not been taken up?
>It's the prospect of this very type of kafuffle that led me to call for
>members and resellers to workshop the Code of Conduct with which we'll all
>be bound.  It's the same inaction that's resulted in no such meeting being
>arranged.  And I fear that when resellers are required to comply with the
>Code of Conduct, or are called on to act within it to deal with rogues in
>the industry, there will be the same sense of "If only we'd done that when
>we had the chance."
>Ron Stark
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