[DNS] Monash Contract

[DNS] Monash Contract

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§quad.net.au>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:21:04 +1100
Hi Jo

> Thanks for your comments. My notes from the board meeting indicate that the
> board did not agree that the contract amount be reduced from $20k to $5k.
> Rather, the chair asked the CEO to consider your proposal and report back to
> the board.My apologies for omitting to include this as an action item in the
> minutes - I will amend the minutes accordingly.

I'm not sure at all sure what the CEO needs to consider here but accept that
may have been how we left it.  BUT as I say, this type of process depends on
trust and at the moment, mine is slipping a bit.

Perhaps Chris could agree to respond to my request for a list of contracts
over $5,000 in the last year?  And some more information about this Monash

Should we get a quick answer that could go in the AGM Minutes as a "note".  In
fact, I'm not sure that the AGM has the power to make these sort of decisions
unless it is tabled as a resolution to be put to the meeting.  That would need
21 or 28 days notice.

So let me propose a motion:

"In relation to the process followed by auDA to award contracts, the Chief
Executive Officer is granted reasonable discretion in relation to amounts less
than $5000.  However, any contract which is worth $5,000 or more will be
subject to multiple quotes or tender.  All payments must be incurred in
relation to genuine business purposes of auDA.

For the purpose of calculating the above quantum, there should be no "order
splitting".  No contract should be allowed to run on over the discretionary
limit.  Once a contract has been tendered then any variation in the amount
should be brought to the attention of the Board at the first possible

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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