Re: [DNS] thread.119

Re: [DNS] thread.119

From: Nick Andrew <lists-dns§>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 00:36:34 +1100
On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 04:19:47PM +0800, Kim Davies wrote:
> Quoting Nick Andrew on Wednesday January 16, 2002:
> | Register the name for free to the first prior applicant. If they
> | don't want it, continue down the list until you find an applicant
> | who wants it. If no applicants want it for free, then release it
> | for general registration.
> This is flawed. Firstly, there is no complete record of failed
> submissions.

That's bad. Still, there is _some_ record and that list should be
put to good use to at least advise these people that the auction's

> Secondly, it penalises potential applicants who read the
> rules before applying and didn't waste everyone's time by putting in a
> doomed application.

See my reply to Bruce Tonkin -- basically there's no downside to
applying for a generic name because there's no (MelbIT) charge if
the application is rejected.

Your "Secondly" point also impacts the auction decision ...  domain
registration has become a big driver for business registrations; those
who "read the rules before applying" may well have not registered the
associated business name; consequently they are ineligible to participate
in this auction despite being an interested party.

This would at least improve the chances for established businesses
(those for whom new business name registration is not required for
their preferred domain name) at the expense of speculative businesses.

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