From: Katie Halson <katie§>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:55:57 +1100
Some thoughts.

For the majority of generic domain names an auction process is probably the
best way to go. I would imagine of the 3600 or so generic domains there will
be many that are not even applied for and bids will be low. Ie

For those domains of value ie, etc I would
suggest they be removed from the auction process and licensed through a
panel or commitee. As licences are only for two years auDA would have the
right to revoke the licence. Every 2 years the domain name could be put to
tender, thereby restricting the commercial value of the name itself and
giving ample opportunity for other entities to utilise the domain.

I believe the main criteria for being approved should be that the domain
name is being utilised for its generic nature. Ie could be
utilised by a company that wishes to represent australian manufactures or
exports to the global community.

After all the internet was built around a community, exploited by commecial
entities and now lays somewhat abandoned and struggling for an identity.


on 24/1/02 4:23 PM, Kim Davies at kim&#167; wrote:

> Quoting Katie Halson on Thursday January 24, 2002:
> | As per my "Hypothetical" I would meet all of the criteria as per the policy
> | document My business
> | qould have been registered 10 years and i'm sure Internet and Australian are
> | not restricted business terms.
> | As it is an auction I would have an equal right to license
> | Is it in the domain names best interest to be represented by me?
> So what should the Domain Name Allocation Policy be? Clearly your issue
> is not with the auction, but with the policy itself.
> kim
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