ING and IRA - My letter to ACCC

ING and IRA - My letter to ACCC

From: Andrew Heath <andrew§>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:43:03 +1100
Dear All,

This list seems to have gone quite today - not sure quite why...

I too received my "Renewal Advice" letters from ING and IRA...

I thought I would include my ACCC letter for people to use - feel free to
add to this...

Andrew Heath

Dear ACCC,

I am writing to you as a COM.AU domain name holder who has recently received
which I believe to be misleading or questionable "renewal advice" slips for
one of our domain names -

Thr first notice was received from a company "Internet Registrations
Australia" which suggests that the domain name is going to
expire on July 8 2002, and that they can offer to renew the domain for us.

The name of the company suggests association with Internet Names Australia -
Melbourne IT's domain name business...

I believe this is questionable in that:
1 - it solicits renewal through a company with a similar name to the current
entity assigned to renew domain names
2 - It suggests that the renewal is July 8 2002, not October 2002 as is the
case, and
3 - the "renewal" price is SIGNIFICANTLY in excess of wholesale COM.AU
domain name prices.

I have also received a "Renewal Advice" letter from the Internet Name Group.
This company also has a name similar to Melbourne IT's business - Internet
Names Australiia.  This letter also has large RED notices that your should

This letter only includes the name of the company in relatively small text
at the bottom of the page, and it includes with it an official Melbourne IT
renewal form, but with the FAX -TO advice being the ING number rather than
the Melbourne IT number.

Again I believe the way that this document is presented is misleading, as
many less informed accounts departments may see this as a direct letter from
Melbourne IT.

Whilst we have not fallen victim to these schemes, we would urgently request
action be taken to investigate the organisations involved, and to take any
action that may be deemed appropriate to stop their actions.

I also have very grave privacy concerns about where the two organisations
involved picked up our company details, and would ask that any actions be
taken against these people if it found that they have breached any law
relating to passing off, false and misleading information or the privacy

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Heath
Chief Operations Officer
Blue Tongue Software
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