Re: [DNS] auDA email

Re: [DNS] auDA email

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:52:47 +1000
At 14:17 +0800 11/9/02, Adrian Chadd wrote:

>I keep asking this question, and noone seems to answer it.
>I'm all ears for a solution (or, preferred, a set of solutions)
>but besides using the existing channels (Fair Trade, ACCC) I'm
>quite stumped.

Well I'm not a lawyer, but how about some of these:

* Actually *use* the trade practices act against these bastards. Bring
charges against "NetRegister" and the directors for whatever laws
they've broken.

* Facilitate a class action lawsuit by victims of the ING scam against
the remains of the company and the directors

* Facilitate a class action lawsuit by victims of the recent
"NetRegister" mailout against the company

* Who owns copyright on the database these mongrels are using for their
scams? Facilitate prosecution for breach of copyright.

* Seek an injunction preventing further abuse of the database.

And I'm sure lawyers could think up some other nice ways of making
these scumbags think twice before they try ripping domain
holders off again.

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