Re: [DNS] auDA email

Re: [DNS] auDA email

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian§>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:04:46 +0800
On Wed, Sep 11, 2002, Richard Archer wrote:
> At 14:17 +0800 11/9/02, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> >I keep asking this question, and noone seems to answer it.
> >I'm all ears for a solution (or, preferred, a set of solutions)
> >but besides using the existing channels (Fair Trade, ACCC) I'm
> >quite stumped.
> Well I'm not a lawyer, but how about some of these:
> * Actually *use* the trade practices act against these bastards. Bring
> charges against "NetRegister" and the directors for whatever laws
> they've broken.

Lawyers, what laws have they broken?
Or is it something a little blurry like "deceptive business practices" ?

> * Facilitate a class action lawsuit by victims of the ING scam against
> the remains of the company and the directors
> * Facilitate a class action lawsuit by victims of the recent
> "NetRegister" mailout against the company
> * Who owns copyright on the database these mongrels are using for their
> scams? Facilitate prosecution for breach of copyright.
> * Seek an injunction preventing further abuse of the database.
> And I'm sure lawyers could think up some other nice ways of making
> these scumbags think twice before they try ripping domain
> holders off again.

.. but is there a point in testing a case that they may lose?
You don't want to set stupid precedents in court involving the domain space..

IANAL, but its tempting..


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