RE: [DNS] And The Winner Is!

RE: [DNS] And The Winner Is!

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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 01:09:55 +0930
It is pretty damming evidence against the whole process. Looks like auda
is going to have to spend some of the money it has received doing an
audit of the new registrations.

These are clear examples of abuse. They should hand these domains back
unless they can demonstrate valid grounds to auda. That is of course if
auda are going to do their job and audit these unusual registrations. 

I am sure this is being discussed by auda and they will take sensible


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I must say auDA has done a good job of ensuring their registrars know
how to follow their policies. It astounds me how strict they were
themselves throughout the auction in applying the elegibility criteria.

I suppose we'll read in the paper what a great success
it all was. Doesn't the constitution mention for the
benefit of all.

Well thank you auDA and the au Registrars.

And the winners are:

Australian Style Pty Ltd - 61 Domains - A very
versatile company I would say
ACN 099892814
REGISTRAR - Bottle Domains

Zeuscom Pty. Ltd. - 45 Domains - These guys are clever
and used 3 registrars I wonder what their core
business is.
ACN 094295888

REGISTRAR Enetica - 14
REGISTRAR Melbourne IT - 15
REGISTRAR NetRegistry - 16

Dimitri Georgantzakos - 14 Domains - One of my
favourites and a man of many hats.
ABN 13002063676	
Melbourne IT

Tabbara, Ryan Mustafa - 10 Domains - Picking up the
ABN 64461704427
Bottle Domains

Protocol Networks - 9 Domains - For a web domain
company they sure are versatile
VIC BN B1622039T
TPP Internet

Cyber Corporation Pty. Ltd. - 10 Domains - This is a
strange one.
ACN 072652745	

John Marriott	- 8 Domains - I can smoke whils
skateboarding, dig a hole, read a book and then cover
myself in yoghurt.
ABN 93074323710	
Melbourne IT

Last but the one to beat. Alan Rose. He suddenly got
up one day and decided to diversify. Check out those
RBN Numbers, nearly a perfect sequence.

Total Domains - 43

Roses Investment Services - 19 Domains
NSW BN BN97925746	

Roses Strippers, Prostitutes And Girls - 2 Domains
NSW BN BN97925747	

Roses Import And Export Services - 7 Domains	
NSW BN BN97925749	

Roses Sports And Entertainment Services	- 5 Domains
NSW BN BN97925750	

Als Motoring Services - 10 domains	
NSW BN BN97925751	

TOTAL  200 Domains - 8 Registrants


Of course this is just a selection and I must
congratulate the above on securing these generic
domains. I am confident that all registrants comply
with policy and all the Registrars followed the

Good Job.

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