RE: [DNS] Zone integrity

RE: [DNS] Zone integrity

From: Chris Wright <chris§>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:38:17 +1100



AusRegistry does not perform any checks on name server delegations being
sent to us. AusRegistry is acting upon update requests to domain
delegation data coming from auDA accredited registrars only. In the old
system people who made changes to delegations had them checked at the
point they were made, i.e. when they inputted them on the web site.
Since now the registrars are responsible for collecting delegation
changes from their customers validity checks on name server delegations
should be preformed at this point. Delegation changes that are sent to
us by authorized auDA registrars are taken to be "gospel" and already
validated. The registry acts upon the request of the sponsoring
registrar. It is the sponsoring registrar who is responsible for the
records in the registry database and the only entity authorized to make
changes to those records.


If a user chooses to change their DNS settings and breaks their
delegations in the process they are only affecting themselves. Whether
or not a registrar chooses to perform these validations of delegations,
before sending them on to the registry (an automated process) is a
question of customer service, and one that may distinguish a better
registrar from another. It is the registrars who are authorised to
contact the registrants and that have the ability to respond (on a web
form for example when the delegation request is taken) and let the
registrant know immediately that their chosen delegation request is not
currently correctly configured.




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