RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: John Thomson <john§>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 10:29:53 +1000
Hi All

I think it's all too easy to point the bone at bottle but why? Lets not
forget that uregister bleat constantly about how they are a good company and
leading registrar when all they are is another unscrupulous scammer. Put the
blame where it belongs. Why can't auda take action against them?

I used to use bottle as my main registrar for registering domain names and
its a fully automated system. There is no easy way for them to block certain
users. Instead of the continued negativity let me tell you about a good

I currently use Intaserve for my web hosting and all domain related
activities. Let me go on record and say there is no better company to use in
Australia. This isn't a paid ad nor do I have shares in them. :D They have
great systems and the best service I have ever experienced. So if anyone is
on this list and works the same way I do using a registrar or hosting
company check them out. You will thank me. They also have good support when
something needs help. I seem to deal with the same tech guy most times and
he really knows his stuff.

Just my opinion.

John Thomson
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