RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: John Thomson <john§>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 19:55:29 +1000
I don't like being cynical but nobody is going to clean the Industry up. It
is only a matter of time before some Gold Coast company is set up to
telemarket to existing businesses for their domain renewal business. Why?
Simply it is an easy sell. The fear of losing a domain name will make them
easy prey and all they have to do is sign a simple form. Its virtually a one
call sell system. If any of you have telemarketing experience that
translates to fairly easy money for the right operator.

The only effective way to control it is via a controlling entity that has
power to hit them hard and fast. Auda is not that entity at this stage. It
is a toothless tiger. Yes a warning! Stop or I'll say stop again. Scary! I
agree with Richard but won't be holding my breath for it to happen. My
advice is get used to scammers but stop blaming the wrong people. There has
barely been a mention of uregister but poor old bottle has copped heaps. It
doesn't make sense to me. It is up to Auda to say to uregister you have
breached our policy guidelines you have 14 days to show why you shouldn't be
closed down.

That's not going to happen. Until it does focus your writing on making Auda
into a tiger with bite and get off bottles back. Has uregister covered this
scam in their domain warning system? I bet not. They don't even use
Australian hosting services so we should all be hammering them. Support
Australian businesses and promote fair trading for all.

Getting off my soapbox now. Flame away.


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>However I will raise this general point again.  Walking away from
>organisations who have breached auDA policy in the past (as a lot of
>them have, all be it minor), is the easy way out.

What a cop out. Get some backbone and do some hard yards to clean
up the industry on which you depend for your livelihood.

Not that it should be an option. AuDA should be onto you like the
proverbial ton for supporting rot like this. Shows just what sort
of a job they're doing.

>It's very easy to wipe your hands of something that's dirty.  Not so
>easy to clean it.

And it's even easier to stay dirty.

I guess I'll just keep on looking forward to the next 20 junk mails
I'm going to get from some rogue operator who is then allowed to walk
off scott free with the profits from their little scam. And of course
the accredited registrar they use gets to keep their share. And auDA
gets their cut no matter what. And Ausregistry takes a slice.

Everybody involved gets nicely rewarded from stuffing my PO Box with
dead trees. There's no incentive to clean up this nonsense is there?


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