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international domain news

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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 23:04:32 +1000 (EST)
Request for Comments Regarding ICANN's Website
As part of an ongoing commitment to improve transparency
and promote the ease of access of information, ICANN is
beginning review of its website. ICANN wishes to solicit
community input in this process. The website is the primary
view into ICANN for many members of the community, and
ICANN belives its community should have an important voice
in decisions regarding a function with such a significant
community impact. ICANN thus welcomes comments and
recommendations from members of its supporting
organizations, stakeholders, and the public at large. Wins Tussle Over Lookalike Web Site
A web site owner arguing online retailer cannot
lay exclusive claim to the name of the world's second
longest river to sell goods on the Internet learned on
Friday that ... well, yes it can.;?storyID=3285957

Phone-number Web addresses due in 2004
The Ministry of Information and Communication said
yesterday that it would implement a simpler Internet
address system that utilizes telephone numbers in the first
half of 2004.

'Phone number' Internet addressing gains support
A simpler Internet-addressing system proposes allocating
every individual one number to use for their mobile phone,
email address, instant messaging and faxes.,2000048620,20277291,00.htm

Michigan Wants Removed
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox on Monday issued a
Notice of Intended Action to, a Web site that
promises to protect consumers from spam and pornographic
e-mails for $10 a month.

Microsoft kills Net address to foil worm
As part of its effort to stop the progress of the MSBlast
worm, Microsoft is killing off the Windows Update address
that the self-propagating program was set to attack.

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