Re: [DNS] funny

Re: [DNS] funny

From: Mike <mjr§>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 07:36:18 +0930
My point exactly,

I'm sure as you troll through your subscribers logs, and see the porn 
urls that you've been providing access to, you probably get very 
depressed...all I can say is stop looking at logs..and trying to blame 
people like me..

YOU provide internet access to PORN..

shock, shame, horror...

YOU think some kind of decency should be observed...

So does the TALIBAN..

What makes you right and them wrong, or for that matter me wrong?

It's all a matter of personal perspective.

In my humble and obviously unpopular opinion, the DNS is not the place 
for religious, racist or descriminating policy..

The time for DNS censorship is OVER!

All the best.


Tony Owen wrote:
>>Isn't it funny how the worm turns....
>>Not many people found it funny when I registered 4 years
> ago...
> Sorry, dont mind people trying to find "noticable" domain names, and I am
> sure that someone who would be benefiting from that kind of name would give
> me great arguments as to why they should be allowed .... but at the end of
> the day I think some kind of decency should try to be observed.
> Cheeers Tony
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