Re: [DNS] funny

Re: [DNS] funny

From: Tony Owen <tony§>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 11:13:06 +0930
> How is denying, or more the point changing the
> rules, once my application had been taken, the
> dom delegated, and my money banked, good
> practice or even acceptable in modern times.

I imagine it was an oversight that the name got through, you should have
sued based on plans you had made for the name, that was your recourse. I can
see a name such as that could make a heap of money, simply based on its'
notoriety, but that doesn't change my view.

> And if you think is offensive or
> should be censored, just remember, don't watch
> television  after Humphrey goes to bed and
> you'll hear words like "fuck" mentioned pretty
> often..

That's the point, long as I put my kids to bed before Humphrey, they won't
hear the language. I can make a choice If I want to watch or not. I  know it
is all over the internet, but that doesn't mean we have to consider it
decent ... our government agencies or appointed whatevers should reflect the
views of the broader community ... at present I don't believe that the
average Aussie would approve, but then again I am in a rural community that
is probably a little more conservative.

I know that if the domain name isn't cancelled, I'll be seeing my
Member of Parliament about the issue.

 Cheeers Tony
 SEOL Internet Providers

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