Re: [DNS] funny

Re: [DNS] funny

From: MIke <mjr§>
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 11:01:25 +0930
You missed my point.

How is denying, or more the point changing the 
rules, once my application had been taken, the 
dom delegated, and my money banked, good 
practice or even acceptable in modern times.

And it still continues, or so I am told...I 
couldn't be bothered any more. The point is too 
easily lost on people who don't understand the 

And if you think is offensive or 
should be censored, just remember, don't watch 
television  after Humphrey goes to bed and 
you'll hear words like "fuck" mentioned pretty 

Next you'll be wanting national censorship 
legislation, and laws to stop any one uploading 
offensive content..oh sorry we've got them now 
because some people thought the internet should 
be decent and controlled..

It's definately stopped the porn spam in my inbox..

Laughing out fucking loud!!


Tony Owen wrote:
>>So does the TALIBAN..
> lol,  I see your point, ban all forms of censorship ... have no rules
> problem is if the "powers that be" allow to be officially
> sanctioned ....
> then the URL should also be allowed to be printed on the side of buses
> then the book
> without any kind of censorship the book could be distributed in
> kindergartens ...
> I used the word decency, not suppression .... put whatever porn you want
> behind a URL called or something, and password protect
> the site, that way people who want to enter can, and nobody is offended.
> Oh, you forgot the argument that everyone else does, so why cant I ...
> Cheeers Tony
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