RE: [DNS] DNS Problem

RE: [DNS] DNS Problem

From: David Moore <moored§>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 19:01:04 +1100
Download and install DNS Expert from Men and Mice run your domain and see if
the errors mean anything to you at this time 3 are showing up. When that is
all don consider using to do you DNS it is a hell of a
lot better and has name servers spread all over the states.

                              DNS Expert                              
                    Detailed Report for                   

2/11/2003, 6:55 PM, using the analysis setting "Minimal"

Serial number:           2003101641
Primary name server:
Primary mail server:
Number of records:       N/A

No errors found

o The zone contains more than one authoritative name server with the 
  same IP address
    The name servers "" and "", which 
    are authoritative for "", have the same IP address

o Zone transfer from authoritative servers not possible
    It was not possible to perform a zone transfer from any of the 
    authoritative name servers for the zone.  This will limit the
    range of tests performed for the zone.

o All name servers for the zone are on the same subnet.
    All name servers for the zone are on the same subnet 
    (203.220.28.*).  If the connection to the network breaks, your
    domain will become inaccessible.

end of report

Regards David Moore
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From: Tony Owen [mailto:tony&#167;] 
Sent: Sunday, 2 November 2003 3:55 PM
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Subject: [DNS] DNS Problem

Hi to any Guru's out there,

I have had an ongoing problem that effects host lookups from some exernal
systems to (and quite possily every thing else we provide
DNS for) but the mail is the one that is most noticable.

I have rang our registrar, and I'm assured glue etc is all in place.

our names servers are listed as and, the
ttl's are quite low while we have been trying to resolve this problem.

I have a friend who sent me the following:

I set up the DNS packet capturing a few days ago, and I've been doing
DNS lookups for every minute for the last few days.

The lookups fail for the first 7 minutes of every second hour (i.e.
when the cached records have expired and the DNS server must do the
lookup from scratch).

Any help appreciated,

Cheers Tony

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