RE: [DNS] Re: auDA AGM 2003

RE: [DNS] Re: auDA AGM 2003

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:17:43 +1100
Well... It depends... If a 'mass mail' has a context to the recipient,
it is not spam.
An ISP emailing its customers about outages isnt spam.
My local member sending me a letter about an upcoming election, isn't
junk mail.
Josh's email to the voting body of auDA is NOT spam.
Josh sending it to all aussie-isp members would be spam, because there
would only be a minority interested in auDA.

Anyone thinking otherwise is just being a pain.

I was thinking recently about some of the email I am getting, the
advertising from places like eBay and such.. Then thought, well I did
sign up for an account there.. I guess that goes with it, and it
technically isn't spam.

Spam is a sensitive subject these days, but it needs to be clearly

I personally wouldn't have a problem if the candidates posted here
explaining their stance of a range of issues... And the voting body
could feel free to ask clarifying questions... Nothing wrong with it at


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josh> My email was individually addressed to yourself, however the same 
josh> general email content was sent to other Demand class members on a 
josh> one-to-one basis.  While you might be classify it as spam, it is 
josh> definitely not bulk (

The content forwarded to this list doesn't stray from the topic of the
upcoming election and Josh's wish to be elected.  Josh has emailed
voting members seeking their vote.

This seems a suitable use of email and I argue that being a voting
member means you explicitly and knowingly invite this campaigning.

Do we really consider Josh's campaigning spam?  Simple replies to me and
I'll summarise back to the list.

Yours sincerely,

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