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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 15:14:20 +1000
Hey, She's not short,

It's just her aspect ratio :)

Good to see there's still some life left on this list after all.

By the way, any news on IPV6 ?

I'd like to stimulate some discussion on this, as we might collectively be
able to fix / address / identify some issues before they become a problem.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from Apnic / RIPE about the IPV4 /
IPV6 Issue:

The RIRs report on statistics regarding IPv4 allocation on their
respective web sites and present a "Joint Statistics" report at each of
the RIR meetings and at other Internet industry meetings several times
yearly. This information is publicly available and provides the most
up-to-date statistics on rates of IPv4 allocation. The most recent
presentation on this subject can be found at:

As has been done in the past, the RIRs will continue to report regularly
on the registration and allocation rates of Internet Protocol Numbers,
and we (RIPE?) will work closely with the IANA to ensure the efficient
of the remaining IPv4 address space.

RIR Statistics:

Raw Data/Historical RIR Allocations:

The Internet Number Resource Status Report, prepared jointly by the four
RIRs, provides up-to-date statistics on rates of IPv4 allocation. This
presentation is available at:


Sean Finn

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You would Sean, you like 'em short :-)


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> And besides, I think she's cute, heh.
> Best regards
> Sean Finn.

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