Re: [DNS] NetSol and AU nameservers

Re: [DNS] NetSol and AU nameservers

From: Mark Constable <markc§>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 21:17:29 +1000
On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 07:50 pm, you wrote:
> There is no reason why a registrar can't offer a service to bulk manage
> nameservers for a collection of registered domains. I'd ask them to
> provide this service or move to someone who can.

Hmm, tried moving any domains AWAY from NetSol lately ?

We've been operational for probably 6 years, so our domains are
spread out all over the place as we've tried new registries as
they popped up.

> Another alternative is not to use domains that require glue. Then you
> don't need to do anything when you renumber except modify your zone.

Would you mind explaining, or providing an example, of a domain
that does and does not require "glue" please ?

Our NS records at InterNic/NetSol/whatever did require a specific
IP allocated to them but, for instance, does not.

> NetSol is a gTLD registar and doesn't operate any registries any more. A
> seperate company, VeriSign, now operates the gTLD registry for .com and
> .net only. The concept of an InterNIC with global NIC mapping schemes
> disappeared a long time ago.

Last I took any notice the InterNIC was the way things were but
I have not kept up with changes in the last few years. It was less
than 24 months ago that I last changed our NS IPs at NetSol... I
guess that can be a "long time ago" in internet years.

> | The kicker is... what happens when we give our old IP range back
> | to APNIC and they then reallocate them to someone else... what
> | happens to the 4 IPs currently (or were) allocated to our original
> | 4 nameservers when someone else goes to (re)use those same IPs
> | in the future ?
> Well, this is peculiar problem to the NetSol registration system which they
> are aware of and is stupid. I now have a NetSol authority for the IP
> number associated the primary authoritative server for .UK just because
> of this weird system.

Could you advice if your last sentence could apply to my case ?

If so, is there a URL I could go to read up on this procedure ?

> Talk to your registrar. If they value your business they will provide
> you with a solution.

Done that and they kindly set up 4 new nameservers for us at auDA but
this does not solve the issue of future dud reasignment of our old
IPs, nor explains what happened or just why I can't modify or delete
the current records from NetSol (as in, regardless
who owns it now).

Appreciate your reply.

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