RE: [DNS] A tale for our times

RE: [DNS] A tale for our times

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In July a client of ours registered a domain with Enetica via a reseller.
The reseller
supplied the registrant with the Enetica password for the Domain Management
but did not make any changes to the email contacts which are the resellers

Roll on a few months and the client is ready to launch their website and so
we need
to re-delegate the domain. The client gives us the registry key and we go to
site ( and try to login. We get a 404
error. This
can't be right. I  ring Enetica who tell there is an issue with Ausregistry.
Ok I says how
long before it is fixed? Tomorrow. Some time. May be never.

Client is getting ratty about this delay. So I ring Ausregistry. Yes they
say there is a
problem but Enetica needs to authorise us to change something. I tell them
for crying
out loud call them and fix the problem for the poor registrant who pays your
and the stupid motor racing sponsorship. Oooh errr I can't came the reply
from the
Ausregistry Jobsworth  I don't have the authrority who also cites auDA
rules. By this
time the Enetica Domain Management reports "Login Error: Domain not with us"
but it
is according to the .au whois. I now ring Enetica who can't do anything
either -
apparently Bennett is the only one with a phone that can make STD calls and
he's out
to lunch.

So here we have Ausregistry "All Systems are Functional" and the "No 1
who both make a s**tload of money from an effective monopoly of very much
overpriced .au domains but who when it comes to enabling the utmost basic of
functions on a domain cannot do anything to help a client because they
don't have the systems in place to take action quickly when a problem is
detected - or
to put it another way - provide a bit of bloody service.

Too busy counting the cash fellas?


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