RE: [DNS] A tale for our times

RE: [DNS] A tale for our times

From: Discount Domain Name Services <rod§>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:55:54 +1100
Maybe you should look at our web site and check out our prices and then
compare service you might get a pleasant suprise. Dave I didn't  start this
thread I only want to ram home the fact we offer great service and price
points that are some of the best in this industry. Think outside the circle
you are in and to put things into perspective go and have a look at this
site....ho ho bloody ho

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Subject: RE: [DNS] A tale for our times

Having never had to wait any longer than a minute or two (at the worst)
for Enetica to answer the phone, I'd say you don't know what you're
talking about (again) Rod.


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> Shift your business to Discount Domain Name Services... guess
> what we have humans who answer phones and respond.
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> Subject: [DNS] A tale for our times
> In July a client of ours registered a domain with Enetica via
> a reseller. The reseller supplied the registrant with the
> Enetica password for the Domain Management Login but did not
> make any changes to the email contacts which are the resellers own.

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