RE: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

RE: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

From: Marty Drill - Domain Candy <marty§>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 23:21:38 +1100
Here we go again

I think we should all start sending bills to Chesley and Brad for time spent
telling people to ignore anything from the myriad of companies that front
the high business, moral and ethical standards of these individuals.

I have had enough. 


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The Intras NetSecurity unsolicited letters and CD-ROMs which I am aware of
have been sent to businesses in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

I'm not sure if Brad Norrish and Chesley Rafferty are sharing the same
mailing list, it wouldn't surprise me if they were.

Meanwhile Chesley Rafferty's Domain Names Australia is sending out colourful
slightly reworded domain name "notices".


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From: Tony Owen
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Subject: Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)


I am interested to know if the same mailing list that was used to send
"invoices" for domain names will be used to promote this venture.  If this
is the case I feel it is more than relevant to the list.

If so I might think about warning my customers.


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