Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

Re: [DNS] INTRAS NetSecurity (Brad Norrish)

From: Brad Norrish <brad§>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 12:14:51 +0800

In your desperate-anxious-scramble to defend your friend josh's behaviour
and posting  you have ruled it is ok for josh to say  "Brads selling this it
these prices - it's a ripoff" is acceptable


If I was to say "Brad's selling this at these prices - It's a great deal"
then it would be unacceptable

With both situations dealing with a company that has nothing to do with the

What about if the order of the postings was reversed. I said "My company
external to the industry is great - it does this" AND THEN Josh replied
"Actually Brads company external to the industry is not so great - it does

Does the negative about a company external to the industry have to come
before the positive?


Who your friends are is irrelevant.

You are running a list of the govt endorsed Auda. I don't care how the list
started. It is now a communication list on the organisation's website that
is endorsed to administer .au. YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED to put your personal
alliances (and opinions) aside to effectively run this industry list.


My opinion is you are UNABLE to put your own biases and conflicts of
interest aside and effectively and justly control the list.

Fat Cat could post "Brad Norrish's 50 Greatest Home Cooked Meals" and you
would deem it acceptable on this official industry list. People who do not
share your opinions are silenced.

This management of the list reflected in the value of the list and that of
the person who runs it.


P.S. I'm selling a Sea Doo jet boat 35 hrs great condition great price
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