RE: [DNS] Namescout and GST

RE: [DNS] Namescout and GST

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Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 23:44:22 +1000
On 15 May 2004 at 18:15, Chris Disspain wrote:

> No, they are not. They pay AusReg GST and, unlike other registrars, cannot  claim it back because unless they remit GST
> to the ATO.

If "AusReg" are dealing with a foreign entity why would they charge GST on 
transactions with that entity? Supplying a service to an overseas entity is like an 
export and therefore probably not subject to GST - even if  the service is rendered 
within Australia.

In any event how do you know what is the GST status between "AusReg" and the 
registrars - specifically "Namescout"? Do you inspect the tax and GST returns of both 
entities? Are you ie. auDA even entitled to?

In view of the fact that "Namescout" was allowed to get away with publicly disclosing 
renewal dates for nearly two years (apparently without any penalty) why should 
anyone have any faith in your ability to manage or control anything done by this 

Why does your staff seemingly have a quite cosy relationship with this registrar 
representing them to inquirers as (quote) " a major international registrar" when prima 
facie they are an insignificant player in all namespaces they act in with the possible 
exception of .ca.

Please advise which entity auDA has an agreement with. Is it the Australian 
registered entity or the Barbadian one? Both the auDA web isite and your former 
fellow director's CV implies that it should be the Australian one ie. Momentous 
Australia Pty Ltd. If this is the case then "Namescout" should be issuing registrants 
with a tax invoice.

In any event not having to file Australian GST tax returns saves "Namescout" a great 
deal in admin overheads comapred to Australian based registrars.

And finally why on earth would an  Australian based authority charged with the 
administration of anything want to have dealings with a company registered in a 
territory with a financial and legal probity at the same end of the international league 
as Nauru or Vanuatu? Look it up - Barbados (pop. less than that of Blacktown City 
LGA) is a haven for entities and individuals who wish to avoid tax and regulatory 
oversght and is described by US Govt. authorities as " one of many Caribbean 
transshipment points for narcotics bound for Europe and the US".


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