Re: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

Re: [DNS] Cat got your tongue Chris?

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 08:46:23 +0800
Quoting magic2147&#167; on Saturday May 15, 2004:
| Haven't you been listening?
| and for just two are way cheaper. Both run by a single registry/registrar.

As you would know, the structure of .au was the result of an open
consultative process. I for one was in favour of creating a non-profit
organisation that did everything at the lowest possible cost. However
the prevailing view was that there should be as much competition as
possible - whereby there are multiple registrars and the registry
operations tendered out every 4 years.

There is no point talking like the prospect of a "single
registry/registrar" hadn't been thought of, it's just that is was a
minority view. I still think that was a mistake, but it wasn't my

Where I agree with you is that running a registry is a very easy job
and doesn't really benefit much from cost savings due to scale. Most
registries around the world, even the big ones, have core staff that
could be counted on one hand that run all the actual "registry" systems.
All the rest is administrative padding that support the various policy
regimes in place, or deals with customers.

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