Re: [DNS] Namescout and GST

Re: [DNS] Namescout and GST

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 17:43:59 +1000
On 17 May 2004 at 15:54, Jason Trickey wrote:

> One would 'assume' the agreement has been made with the Barbadian entity, 
> as all other registrars are listed with their Company name
> prior to their trading name on the AusRegistry and auDA web sites (eg. 
> Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd trading as PlanetDomain, JustNet Pty Ltd 
> trading as GoDomains, Australian Style Pty Ltd trading as Bottle Domains 
> etc etc), and Namescout appears as just that, Namescout, not Momentous 
> Australia Pty Ltd trading as Namescout.
> Of course, one can only assume...

Well the link on and (the equivilant list 
at auDA is to which is registered to "Momentous Australia" with 
the registrant ID given as 095441571 which is the ACN of MOMENTOUS 
AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED. is aliased to which is 
not owned by that entity but by Namescout Corp. a Barbadian registered company.

So at the very least the link is misleading punters who might at the point of clicking to 
Namescout be thinking that they would be dealing with an Australian entity.

Interestingly the contacts on the registration are at which is 
owned by corp o/a Momentous/Momentus . is 
registered through a registry known as which is apparently Corp 
of Nepean Ontario ie. part of the Momentous domain name conglomerate.

Even more quaint is the fact that patrons of who register .ca domains 
there are not forced to deal with an entity operating out of Barbados and all Canadian 
taxes and duties are paid on the transaction.

It seems to me that what's sauce for the Cannuck should be sauce for the Ocker!

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