Re: [DNS] domain name news - 17 May

Re: [DNS] domain name news - 17 May

From: Robert Gregory <Robert.Gregory§>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 09:52:44 +1000
On the other hand, the fact that the so called "alternate root" domains
are expanding is news and of interest to me.

>>> paul&#167; 20/05/04 9:24:25 >>>
At 01:59 AM 20/05/2004 +1000, Ian Smith wrote:

>I've been paying attention, this is the third posting of this
>to an ongoing series of advertisements - Press Releases - by some mob
>flogging a 'patent pending' plugin 'technology' (for Some Particular
>no doubt) that is a complete con for the un-DNS-educated to believe
>these so-called 'domains' have anything _at_ _all_ to do with the
>Domain Name Service that underlies the internet.

I'm sorry to write a "me too" message, but I must agree with Ian.

Anyone can implement their own name server with whatever names they
like on 
it. The DNS is not just the technology of name serving - it is also a 
widely used process, flawed as it might be, to add names to the list.

These press releases are just the latest of several underground
attempts to 
extend the DNS namespace without going through that process. Ian is
right to highlight to dangers and risks here, and I too have noted 
David seems to have given this particular story more prominence than I

believe it merits.

The decentralised, open, freewheeling nature of the Internet collides
the need for a central, authoritative, reliable source of domain names
IP addresses. For once, it has to be the latter that wins.


Paul Foxworthy

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