domain name news - October 7

domain name news - October 7

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Commission, EURid to sign '.eu' domain name contract
The European Commission and EURid – the organisation
that has been selected by the European Commission to
run the ".eu" domain name - are expected to sign a
contract shortly, making the domain name finally

Final agreement on .eu domain names expected 'this
The company selected to run the .eu domain name says
it expects to sign a contract with the European
Commission "by the end of the month", ending over a
year of deadlock.

Alarm as Macedonia Driven Towards Internet Extinction
Macedonia Articles CDeliso writes "Starting about a
month ago, has learned, residents of
Macedonia have been unable to access an
ever-increasing number of American websites. Certain
commercially compiled reports commonly purchased by
American ISPs and hosting companies are warning that
the country is a hotbed of internet fraud- and so,
these companies are starting to block access to their
sites for anyone with a Macedonian IP address. These
cowardly and ignorant companies- who can’t tell
Macedonia from Massachusetts, by the way- are bringing
on an internet Ice Age that could make life in
Macedonia virtually extinct in the near future.

UAE working with other countries to develop Arabic
domain names
UAEnic, the entity which oversees domain name issues
in the country, is working with counterparts in Saudi
Arabia and Qatar to develop domain names in the Arabic
language, confirmed a top official.

Openera loses court battle over Linux trademark
Linux Australia Pty Ltd has failed to gain control
over a trademark and a domain name that was once
linked with the company, after taking legal action in
a South Australian court last week. ... Openera
director Hosi Stankovic last month said that the
pair's refusal to divest their claim to the trademark
and the domain name,, was
threatening Linux Australia Pty Ltd's ability to

ICANN Misses Critical MoU Deadline - But Offers
Vaporware as a Substitute by Milton Mueller
ICANN's MoU with the U.S. Department of Commerce
required it to "Define and implement a predictable
strategy for selecting new TLDs" and required that
"strategy development be completed by September 30,
2004" and its implementation "commence by December 31,

Languages in the Root: A TLD Launch Strategy Based on
ISO 639
TLD registrations in the Internet's root-zone file
currently are divided into two broad classifications:
generic and country-code top-level domains. With
respect to the latter classification, no new
"strategy" is required to add further ccTLDs as a
relatively well-working process is already in place to
integrate the occasional new country-code top-level
domain. With one of these two classifications under
reasonably sound management, it is therefore perfectly
understandable to see that the ICANN organization
consequently views its obligation to "Define and
implement a predictable strategy for selecting new
TLDs" as a mandate "to begin the process of allocating
and implementing new gTLDs"... the flaw in this
conclusion, however, stems from the presumption that
the Internet's taxonomy must necessarily contain only
the two above-so-mentioned broad classifications. I am
proposing a third TLD classification -- based on

The Need to Keep Congress Fully Informed
The MOU between the Department of Commerce and ICANN
includes a series of specific milestones that the
corporation is required to accomplish by certain
specified dates. One of the specific requirements
placed on ICANN by the agency is to define "a
predictable strategy for selecting new TLDs using
straightforward, transparent, and objective procedures
that preserve the stability of the Internet...." The
MOU goes on to state that "(strategy development to be
completed by September 30, 2004 and implementation to
commence by December 31, 2004)."

Domain Names Sales Soar as Internet Expands
Exponentially (news release)
Information released by Internet Systems Consortium
shows the amazing rise and rise of domain names, the
internet and the web hosting business. The survey
which you can find at that the
number of domain names registered has risen from
around 50 million in January 1999 to around 300
million by January 2004. And that this number is now
rising by more than 100 million new domain name
registrations every year.

Country Codes (ccTLDs) Lead Domain Name Growth (news
Industry sources indicate that over 65 M Domain names
have been registered worldwide as of the end of
September 2004, a growth of some 15% over the same
time last year. Of the 65 M Domain names, 40 Million
are Generic (gTLDs) alongside 25M ccTLDs. ccTLD growth
rates exceed gTLDs.

BRS Media’s DotFM to Offer an .AM / .FM / .TV
Multimedia Domain Special! (news release)
BRS Media's dotFM announced today a special offer of a
Free .TV Domain Name with the purchase of an .AM and
.FM Domain Name!

Network Solutions' 'Win One Million Miles' Sweepstakes
Ready for Take-off (news release)
Network Solutions, the world's leading domain name
registrar and web services provider, is taking
customers to new heights with the "Win One Million
Miles" sweepstakes, where five lucky winners will each
receive one million bonus miles with one of the five
participating airlines.

ph: All set in Zamboanga for 3rd MICT Congress
MINDANAO'S information and communication technology
(ICT) industry stakeholders coming from the
government, the academe, non-government organizations,
civil society and media in Mindanao are expected to
converge for the Mindanao Summit on Information


Sources include Quicklinks ( and BNA
Internet Law News (".


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