Re: [DNS] Marketing 101

Re: [DNS] Marketing 101

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 15:20:49 +1100 (EST)
Isn't something being missed in this thread? It
doesn't alter the issue of the ethics of the
redirection and whether it is justified, but isn't
this case 'special' because Telstra are involved in
the website itself?

So the issue of getting Telstra to do a redirection
for any other website is not going to happen, as they
have no interest in your website.

The relevant part of the story in the Oz is:
"The ad campaign was meant to be a triumph for
Telstra, which paid $3million to sponsor Idol and
release the song online exclusively."

So any issue that deals with the decision being family
friendly and any other crap is not relevant.


--- magic2147&#167; wrote: 
> On 24 Nov 2004 at 10:43, Paul Foxworthy wrote:
> > If anyone in Australia happens to run an ad that
> mistakenly has a .com
> > instead of a, will BigPond commit to
> changing their DNS to "fix"
> > the problem? If not, what's so special about this
> case?
> > 
> > If anyone finds two sites and
>, where the .com site
> > has content that not everyone might like, will
> BigPond commit to changing
> > their DNS to "fix" the problem? If not, what's so
> special about this case?
> > 
> > Can I get Bigpond to redirect visitors looking for
> to my own
> > by *claiming* that has
> objectionable content?
> > 
> > Given BigPond's obvious concern about the issue,
> are they encouraging
> > other ISPs to take similar action?
> > 
> I am sure that Stephen Mayne from Crikey would be
> delighted to get such service. Sloppy, 
> lazy media types (I know that it's  tautological)
> are always rendering the site as "" 
> rather than People who visit
> "" are  confronted by a "this domain is 
> for sale" site playing off the online news service
> and Steve whatsisname.
> I am sure that even as I wirite Ziggy and the good
> folks at Sensis are looking at ways to 
> deliver more traffic to sites that share the
> same "prefix" as .com domains - and 
> charge for the privilege. In fact thinking about it
> you should be able to demand that requests 
> for any gTLD site be directed to a .au domain. auDA
> could  be commissioned to auction the 
> repointing rights off. I am sure that this would be
> seen as family friendly and would be 
> endorsed by both Family First and the Federal
> Government.  And the great unwashed would 
> never need to know that the internet is indeed world
> wide.
> cb
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