RE: [DNS] Marketing 101

RE: [DNS] Marketing 101

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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 16:34:06 +1100
I agree with you Tony Telstra should have bought the use of the site for a
set timeframe say 6 months until this died down.

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>I think its quite obivous in this case that Telstra had to do some form of
> redirection. The amount of 10-14 year old girls that watch the show would 
> be
> quite startled and go crying to their parents when they see the content, I
> don't think telstra have done anything wrong and if I was in their 
> position

Two wrongs dont make a right ...

Telstra should have opened their cheque book and offered a huge amount of 
money for the domain name, that would have been the appropriate action. The 
transfer could have taken place in a few minutes.

A half arsed attempt to rectify the problem, that only reflects badly on the

Australian internet community was not the direction to take.

What about my users who clicked on the wrong URL ... as far as my customers 
are concerned Telstra dont give a didly squat.

The could have paid the owners of the site some money to fix their mistake 
across the board.

Cheers Tony

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